use of hot sauce left overs

How To Maximise Value of Leftover Hot Sauce

It is easy to fall in love with a delicious and appetising range of hot sauce brands for the kitchen.

With the industry turning into an online craze, it is fun to get creative with purchases from local outlets and overseas manufacturers alike.

But what happens when your fridge and pantry has become consumed with a few too many bottles?

What can be done if the barbeque has come and gone and there is still a litany of products skewered around the kitchen?

The good news is that these items are far from one-dimensional.

Let us examine some methods to maximise the value of the leftovers.

Marinade With Meats

One of the best preparation steps to get those juices flowing for a piece of chicken on the barbeque is to marinade it in a sauce first. There are very few hard and fast rules when it comes to a marinade as home cooks utilise all manner of assortments from the pantry including soy sauce, vinegar and olive oil. This is the perfect occasion to let the meat sit within this type of spicy juice and really accentuate the flavour.
Apply It Onto Cooked Meats

If the marinade process has been carried out and there are still bottles left over, the best approach is to use the sauce for what it was originally intended for – on top of the cooked meats. Depending on the Scoville heat units, this should be applied modestly to ensure that patrons aren’t impacted by the aftertaste too severely.

DIY Sauce With Mayonnaise

Mixing together a dose of hot sauce with mayonnaise can be just the tonic for a salad, sushi roll or tuna sandwich. A mayonnaise spread by its very nature offers a dull consistent taste that is limited in range. By including a serious degree of spice to the equation, it suddenly becomes more appealing and diverse as a spread.

Mix With Fried Rice

Fried rice can be cooked and crafted a million different ways as it is inspired by a raft of various Asian cultures. If you want to make a dish that carries an added kick to it, this is where a healthy dose of hot sauce could do just the trick during the mixture of the ingredients and before the slow cook inside a cooker or wok.

Add To Tomato/BBQ Sauce Mixture

Sometimes a stock standard drip of tomato or barbeque sauce simply doesn’t do it. Whether it is to apply on a set of chips or on an appetising hamburger, these brands can be quite dull and formulaic with their taste. Throw them together though and consumers can get the best of both worlds, using the appealing tomato or barbeque brand as the foundation and the inclusion of the pepper extract for a serious kick.

Included In Chili Concoction

A chili concoction is a great meal idea for lunches and dinners during the freezing cold of winter. To spice up those taste buds, there are few better foods to tuck into. However, to maximise the level of spice and to amplify the chili it is best to use the leftover hot sauce within the mixture.

Spicy Popcorn

OK – if you want to get really adventurous and still have bottles left over, there is the popcorn suggestion. Boutique cinemas love to get creative and expand their popcorn range for moviegoers. This has included everything from salt and vinegar to cheese, butterscotch, nachos, chocolate and much more. To enhance a film at home, you can melt some butter over the top of the popcorn and compliment it with a modest spread of hot sauce.